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Value-Added Results

Our Consultants are experienced in conducting sensitive studies. They know how to help focus the client companies on the constructive benefits of the project. This facilitates the implementation process. Most importantly, our seasoned experts bring to every assignment a store of human factors savvy that makes the difference between a plausible theory and a workable successfully implemented recommendation.

Our services take many forms: verbal consultation, research on analysis, review by verification of work performed by others, expert testimony, and complete studies with written reports.

  • Services Offered

    Temp Air Company Inc. has established three working divisions:
  • General Mechanical Contracting Division

    General Mechanical includes but is not limited to; building renovations and/or new building additions, and construction, including complete mechanical installations for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Service Contracts Division

    Via a mobile fleet service contracts are provided for a variety of HVAC equipment as well as manufactures of equipment, including the following: air conditioners of all major manufactures which would include rooftop, split systems, self-contained, computer room units, chillers, condensers, cooling towers, fans, pumping and piping systems and including gas, oil-fired packaged boilers and heating systems including all electrical and control systems



    Some of the key benefits of a preventive maintenance program include:

    • Extends the service life of systems and equipment
    • Fewer costly major repairs
    • Maintains the energy efficiency of systems
    • Healthy indoor air quality
    • Compliance with EPA standards
    • Documented equipment histories
    • Up-to-date warranty documentation

    • The plan is to provide complete preventative maintenance services for HVAC systems. Designed to help company’s budget their annual expenses for mechanical systems service, and includes labor and materials for maintenance inspections, service calls, and unscheduled repairs.
  • Total Facility Engineering

    Building Maintenance provides complete building system operation to the building during normal building operating hours. We do perform routine preventive maintenance, which is on going and constantly monitored. All equipment is monitored and we maintain your environmental conditions throughout regular work hours. With this service, we can maintain your building 24 hours a day. Our service fleet are available to our customers: 24 hours a day with a typical two-hour response time.

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5623 Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, MD 21215

ph: 410 358 8078
fax: 410 358 8086